Solid Operations Team

A team with solid knowledge and experience dedicated in serving you 24/7
and capable to handle any tasks from A to Z.

Knowledge and Experience. Our team is far from being the typical “mailbox” service found in most broking houses. We have good knowledge and expertise in all aspects of charter party contracts, port/ship technicalities and commercial operation of ships. We are fully geared to give you the best advice.  

Dedication and Initiative. We are dedicated to you, and will take initiative to optimize your operation and to prevent situations that could bring conflict or losses.

Available 24/7. No matter where in the world you are, we are available and able to take action any day of the week, round the clock. Our branch offices are also there to enhance communications and allow our clients to coordinate in their own time zone.

Full range of services. Include all aspects of operations such as defense and settlement of demurrage claims, contractual disputes, full coordination with owners, masters and port agents, etc. You have the possibility to OUTSOURCE part or all of your operational needs.