More than a broker

We are your extended chartering arm, your consultant, the partner protecting your interest, the specialist transferring knowledge and experience to your team.

Advice is our asset. Our Chartering and Operation Managers will advise you on freight market conditions, Charter Party clauses, port and berth restrictions, customary loading and discharging terms, loading and discharging facilities, reliability and performance record of your counterparty, etc.

We protect your interest. We will negotiate the best terms and conditions for you, making sure that all protective clauses are duly incorporated in the C/P and that the most favourable freight and terms have been negotiated.

Chartering courses and onsite training programs. We want to transfer our knowledge and expertise to our clients and benefit from theirs. Therefore, we organize seminars where our senior managers take active part. We also invite speakers being maritime lawyers, shipping experts, freight market researchers, insurance experts, etc.