Broad Shipping Network

We will trace and locate all vessels that may be suitable for your cargo; and fix the best candidate, no matter where in the world the Owner might be located.

Direct access to dry bulk ships. The majority of our fixtures are done directly with Head Owners or Disponent Owners. This has a great advantage for you as it reduces the cost and enhances our ability to negotiate the best terms and conditions for you.

Broad shipping network. For more than 35 years, we have been building a broad network of Owners, Operators and Owner’s Brokers; and we continue doing so. Our network gives you fast and efficient access to any suitable vessel that may be in position to load your cargo; no matter where in the world her Owners are located.

Specialized software. We receive thousands of messages daily from Owners, Operators and Brokers around the globe. The software updates such positions at any time day or night, making them available for you at the moment you need it.